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Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Off to Conference!

Brae Adams and pastor Todd are off to the Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church this Thursday, May 29th through this Saturday, May 31st. An equal number of clergy and lay delegates from every church will swell the number of members in attendance to over 1,800 United Methodists from Upstate New York. We will be meeting at the OnCenter in downtown Syracuse. 

Brae is East Rochester's lay delegate, taking the place of Laura Garrand. Pastor Todd is a clergy member of the conference. Brae is staying at a local hotel and pastor Todd is commuting from his cottage. 

The gathering is chaired by Bishop Mark Webb. The agenda and the ability to view the live proceedings can be done at the following web page:  http://www.unyumc.org/pages/detail/2138

Information about the sessions can be read here: http://www.unyumc.org/pages/detail/2053

Pastor Todd will be arriving a day early (Wednesday, May 28th) for United Theological Seminary's alumni activities and dinner. At the conference we will remember pastors and spouses who have served and have now died in the Lord, engage in Bible study, be energized with dynamic preaching and worship, celebrate retirements, hear reports from the mission field, and end with a service of ordination and commissioning. 

Please keep Brae and pastor Todd in your prayers!