East Rochester United Methodist Church

East Rochester United Methodist Church

Our Pastoral team:


Pastor Todd is our appointed pastor. He is in the office Tuesday and Thursday mornings, generally from 9 am to 12 noon. Please call ahead to ensure he will be in. He is also available for appointments by email or calling his cell phone (585.703.9235). Follow pastor Todd on twitter at @toddgoddard or on facebook at /todd.goddard.

Music Director:

  • Beverly Smoker

Our Lay Leadership team: 

  • James Coleman, Lay Leader: jcoleman10@rochester.rr.com, 585.512.0007 (cell)

  • Jennifer DeRycke, Leadership chairperson

  • Neil Glassbrook, Staff-Parish Relations Committee chairperson

  • Ellie Kopp, Financial Secretary

  • Judy Hunley, Worship chairperson

  • Marilynn Amberger, Fellowship chairperson

  • James Coleman, Missions chairperson