East Rochester United Methodist Church

East Rochester United Methodist Church

A Story About Partnering

Todd GoddardComment

People with special needs are neighbors, family members, and friends. They are members of the community just like everyone else; just like you and me! 

What really excites me is when a church opens their arms and makes an intentional effort to welcome EVERY member of the community into worship and missional life. This demonstrates a hospitable, inclusive, and welcoming attitude that builds congregational strength and spiritual depth.  

A colleague recently sent this testimony to me about a local church nearby: 

I want to share a wonderful experience that a few of the individuals here at Perinton participated in this morning.  The pastor here at Perinton Presbyterian did a small little service just  for some of the individuals of Perinton Day Hab that wanted to get this holy season of Lent underway.  The pastor shared some words to get us in the correct mind set for this season and made us think of ways to honor our Lord and thank him for his ultimate sacrifice.  The individuals that went got a lot out of what the pastor had to say and they were very appreciative to receive the ashes for Ash Wednesday.  We had a wonderful little conversation after to discuss some of the ways we could honor our Lord during this season as well as after Lent is finished.  The conversation that took place was fantastic as it was between peers and not just staff driven. The pastor here at Perinton didn’t have to do any of this and it was truly a blessing for the individuals to partake in it. 

Truly, dearly beloved sisters and brothers walking in the footsteps of Jesus, isn't this what we are called to do?