East Rochester United Methodist Church

East Rochester United Methodist Church

Join Us This Sunday for Worship!  Our service begins at 11:00 am

The definition of Worship is “to give praise and thanksgiving to God.” This is what we do as faithful people of God; we gather weekly to return to God our praise and thanks.

Our choir, led by Beverly Smoker

Our choir, led by Beverly Smoker


We are thankful for all that God has given us- our lives, families, and friends; our gifts and talents; and for the privilege to serve as disciples of Jesus Christ. We praise God for the grace shown to us before we knew God, the grace that sustains us for the living of these days, for the grace that saves us from our sins, and for the grace that will one day welcome us home into the kingdom of heaven. We praise God with singing, praying, and proclaiming His word!

This is why we worship.

At East Rochester United Methodist Church, our worship is a balance of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the celebration of Holy Communion. Pastor Todd’s message is primarily focused on the Gospel lesson for the day, with a strong dose of “how we can apply it to our lives” sprinkled in. Our gifts of bread and wine, offering, and food for the local food pantry are collected each Sunday.

Reach UP! to God with PRAISE and THANKSGIVING!

Reach UP! to God with PRAISE and THANKSGIVING!

Our modern, high tech sanctuary supports our worship. It  is completely ADA compliant, hosts free WiFi (Password is FaithHopeLove), and is air conditioned. A privacy room makes it possible for all to participate.

Our worship music ministry is led by Beverly Smoker. We support a choir that is open to all. Music is often accompanied by instrumentalists from the congregation or region. Music includes a blend of more traditional hymns with modern Christian music led by our dynamic choir. Words are projected onto large screens for all to easily participate.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in worship and partake in Holy Communion. No exceptions. No one is excluded from taking part in the grace of God.

An additional word about worship in our tradition: In the United Methodist Church we recognize two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Communion.

Baptism is what makes a person a Christian- a follower, a disciple of Jesus Christ. It is God’s gracious acceptance of the person into the community. It is God’s acceptance; therefore, Baptism may take place at any age. Because it is the initiation into the community of faith, it is most appropriate to take place in the worship setting. Baptism can only be done once in life, is done using the symbolism of water sprinkled or poured over the head, and is recognized by most other mainline Christian denominations. If Baptism takes place at an early age, children have an opportunity to confirm what was done on their behalf by taking Confirmation classes and formally joining the membership. This is generally done when the child is in the 7th or 8th grade. Confirmation classes are held as needed.

Holy Communion, also known as Eucharist, is held every Sunday and on other special days. The liturgy is the same at all services. We celebrate the sacrament using a common loaf and cup (which necessitates Intinction- the dipping of the bread into the wine). All who desire to draw close to Jesus are welcome to receive communion in The United Methodist Church. The table is open to people of all ages, races, and conditions. All those physically unable to approach the table may be served in their seat- please make your needs known to an usher.

Worship Schedule (Updated Quarterly)

Sermons - Text

Sunday's Sermon (Updated weekly) 

Sermons - Video

- Blizzard Closing, 1/20/19 Oh, my! -

- February 3, 2019 “Rejected at Nazareth” -

- February 10, 2019 “Do Not Be Afraid” -

- February 17, 2019 “Power of the Touch” -

- February 24, 2019 “Do Unto Others” -

- March 3, 2019 “Transfiguration of the Lord” -

- March 10, 2019 “Temptation” -

- March 17, 2019 “Cry of Lament” -

- March 24, 2019 “Time is Short” -

- March 31, 2019 “‘That Son of Yours,’ The Injustice of Grace” -

- April 7, 2019 “Keep the Poor Among You Always” -

- April 14, 2019 “Explicit and Dangerous” Palm Sunday! -