East Rochester United Methodist Church

East Rochester United Methodist Church

Join us in daily prayer. Updated June 18, 2018.

East Rochester’s Daily Prayers: WHO? WHAT? WOW! WITNESS!  


WHO? For whom is your greatest concern? - first name only, please. Consider those who are sick, injured, mourning, or struggling with life.

Harvey, Dave, Shirley, Carl, Nancy, Terry, Annie, Donna, Karen, Alice

Marcia, Mr & Mrs Mathews, Laura. Norma, Luann, Don, Bob, Jeff and Wendy on Father's Day.

Joey, Joseph, Cheryl, Alice, Pastor Carol, Augie, Daniel, Jeff, Camy and her daughter Maria, Jane. Pauline. Rosie, Stewart, Phyllis, Mark, Helen,  Alicia, Mary, Deacon George. Ramona, Maria. Baily, Brian, Meghan, Pastor Jake. Derrick, Yvonne, William and Terry, Zoe, Tony, Beth, Nancy, Sharon, Peggy, Sandy, Kristie, Jean, Larry, Hayden, Chris, Tony, Pito. Franklin, Alyssa, Jimmy.

[Please add your own ...]

(Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.)


WHAT? What events, near and far, raise your greatest concerns?

International: Puerto Rico still needs assistance. Volcano in Guatemala. Terrorist attack in Belgian. Talks with North Korea and their leaders. Unrest in the Middle East. War in Syria.  

National: Shooting in NJ. Forest fires in western states. Volcano in Hawaii. Tragedy at games. Celebrity suicides. Parents and children being separated at the boarder. Opioid addiction problem. People suffering in Puerto Rico.

Local: Local violence. Search and recovery of Owen. Child Protective Services, being understaffed. 

[Please add your own ...]

(Lord, in your mercy. Hear our prayer.)


WOW! I give God thanks for ... 

WITNESS! What are signs of God at work in your life? Consider evidence of the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. - Galatians 5:22-23

Karina is excited about her concert next Sunday, 6/24! Her step father is planning to attend!

Jamie is delighted that her bell choir is having a concert on Wednesday, 6/20! 

Don and Marilynn had a wonderful trip to California to see family!

Katie and her friend got together; both are starting out on new jobs and adventures!

Ray and Pastor Todd are thankful for being able to attend the 2018 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability in Raleigh, NC, for new friends, and new insights!

Carol was delighted to see that her oncologist was featured in the newspaper. He's a great doctor!

Thanks for a daughter; thanks for being a father!

Jeannie's grandson, Jarrett, is training for the ER Fire Department!

[Please add your own ...]

Ongoing Prayers

(Please forward to Pastor Todd, Pastor Carol, our Lay Leader, Jim Coleman, or our bulletin editor, Judy Hunley, any changes to our ongoing prayer lists. Contact information is on the front cover of the bulletin. Thank you!)


Sons & Daughters in the Military and First Responders

Jarrett, Paul, Neil, Brian, Shane, Kate, John, Darren, Kaitelyn, Eric, Levi, Jessie, Nate, Angie


Jean Smith (Episcopal Church Home), Norma Lansdowne (Woodcrest Commons)

Our Friends and Partners in Mission and Ministry

Our extended Heritage Christian Services family, Our extended Telica, Nicaragua family, Our friends in Guatemala, Our friendships with the people of AA, Our Bishop, Mark Webb, Our District Superintendent, Vonda Fossitt.


Evolving Prayer

Prayer is one of our core values at East Rochester United Methodist Church. We are always seeking new ways to bring spiritual depth to our daily prayer life, to utilize prayer to draw us more closely together, and to bring us deeper into relationship with God. 

To encourage daily prayer by our members and friends, we take time during Sunday worship to lift up our spoken prayers. A member of the congregation will speak, and the pastor will affirm the spoken prayer by repeating it aloud. Consider balancing privacy with concern; using only first names when ever possible.

Our faithful scribe, Jane Agron, writes down every prayer request. She forwards a copy to Pastor Todd at the conclusion of the worship service. 

Pastor Todd uses the copied prayer list to update our prayer web page ( http://www.eastrochesterumc.com/prayer-life/ ), usually on Monday morning. Encouragement to check the web page are made on ER UMC's Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/ERUMChurch/ ), and, occasionally, by email. Editorial discretion is used by Pastor Todd to keep the list fresh and vibrant. 

Additions and edits to the prayer list may be forwarded to Donna Coleman or Pastor Todd. New prayer requests during the week are sent out to the email prayer chain and updated on the church web page as soon as practical. 

Please know that every effort is being made to uphold prayer requests with dignity, modesty, and respect. If there is an error, please bring it to Pastor Todd's attention immediately so that it may be corrected.