East Rochester United Methodist Church

East Rochester United Methodist Church

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Mission Meeting! Packing, Sharing, Commissioning for Telica 2016!

Join with our mission team traveling to Telica, Nicaragua on December 31st through January 9th to pack suitcases, share together a dish-to-pass meal, and to experience a short service of commissioning all travels. 

Packing suitcases up to, but not exceeding, 50 pounds is a lot of work! All hands are needed, especially carrying suitcases and content up from the basement. 

Everyone loves a dish-to-pass meal! Let's make this a Central American theme, eh?!! Bring your favorite dish. Bring your family and friends, too!

At the commissioning service, travelers and their families will all receive our daily devotional guide. This will be a great service to dedicate our gifts, our talents, and our lives for the building of friendships and God's kingdom.